4 Things We Can All Learn From Bioshock

bioshock_seriesNote: By the way, Bioshock has been re-released as the Bioshock Collection, available now on Steam! Hell yes!

The last two weeks have been spent working and managing certain crises in my life, so when the chance to play video games by myself came about, I seized upon it like a fat kid attacking a chocolate cake with Cheeto frosting. I selected the first installment of Bioshock for PC, an amazing game. What can I say, I was in the mood for a slightly older game… While I really liked the idea of taking a shotgun to a bunch of spliced out freaks, what really impressed me was the depth of story behind it. It really went into the subject of free will and societal norms, which for me hit a very significant nerve. So, I compiled a list of 4 things we could all learn from “Bioshock”.

BTW, Spoiler city… You’ve been warned.

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5 Things We Could All Learn From Shakespeare

1307069156382 I’m bored, it’s list time.

1. If you’re between 10-17 and looking for someone to marry, you’re an idiot.

At this point, sorry but you’re a kid. Listen to Justin Bieber and play your video games. Stop looking for the love of your life and worry about your grades. Get outside and mow the fucking lawn. Talk back to your parents. Sneak out to get wasted at a party. Sit with the cool kids at lunch. Learn to play an instrument. Cut the crusts off your PB & J. Put your fucking iPhone down.

If you’re thinking about marriage, your parents should be shot in the face. Twice. I don’t want to go any further with this item as my blood pressure is already high.

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