140225-174007“He’s 97% right about everything, he’s just such an asshole about it.” – Professor Rebecca Morrice, Slippery Rock University

This site has gone through a number or URL’s and incarnations. Its latest version is dual;

1) An online resume, enveloping many types and subtypes in hopes of getting me writing work.

2) A playground for my mind to not only release the drivel in my head, but also a place to try some coding experiments out and have some fun doing it.

To any prospective employers; I urge you to not really take the ferocity of the writing to heart. I am, in reality, a very mild mannered person and don’t really want to “boil a child alive in axle grease”. In short, this should be regarded as the my reaction to something that just REALLY pissed me off. When I’m in front of you, I will behave professionally, but when I log in to this website, everything is as raw as I can possibly get it. My behavior, my words, everything.

That being said, please don’t take this site too seriously. It was meant to be an outlet for my mind, because if I kept a lot of this shit in my head, I would grab an Uzi and find the nearest clock tower. That previous statement isn’t so much funny as it is partially true. This site is simply a sort of scream therapy, an alternative to being a complete dick.

Aside from those cautionaries, I hope you enjoy the site. If not, I suppose there is nothing I can do. Meh.








Everything written here is copywritten 2012 unless otherwise noted.


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