Every Four Years, I Want to Go Into Hiding

I just can’t deal with this shit anymore. Every four years, I have to find on Facebook the worst of what everyone I know has to offer. I’m not talking about supporting one candidate over another, I’m talking about having the most inane and horrific reasons for supporting those candidates.

For example, the comments made in 2005 by Donald Trump, which are so callously accepted by people who support him, instead of the obviousness of the truth (namely that these things should be revolting to anyone of even slightly compromised morality) were dismissed by my father as “locker room talk”, the same thing that Trump himself has said. My father, my own goddamned father said that Muslims are the real threat. I responded that it was obvious he never studied it and that if he did he might realize that this religion is almost identical to his own.

I often wonder if every four years we live in this separate world where everyone loses their fucking minds for a year. Essentially the political equivalent of the worst. Period. Ever. People start saying outlandish things, myself included. I’d like to think that I’m immune to it, but, I’m not. If anything, I justify doing these things because I have the nagging suspicion that I’m fighting some kind of injustice.

Because I really feel I am.

The advocacy of sexual assault is something that should have ended his election campaign on the 7th, instead people are treating this as if there are two equally viable choices. They’re not equally viable. One of them is a pompous prick with delusions of intelligence, the other is a career politician who (by most accounts of people who work for her) is clearly difficult to deal with, but has policy experience that is hard to match.

One has bluster, the other has detailed plans. One has nothing, the other has everything.

Last night, Trump got handed his ass.

I wish his supporters would understand this. I don’t care about Clinton winning this election, because even as she said, it goes beyond hr. It goes to this idea that the way Donald Trump does things with no respect for anyone else is NOT the way we should be behaving.

Back to my father. Instead of relying on FOXNews talking points and the same bullshit I’ve been hearing my entire life, referring to Secretary Clinton as “Killary” which people like him find very clever, (Interesting thing, they started calling her that initially as an abortion epithet ) he should be making a point about her policy decisions based on evidence, not conspiracy theories. He should be trying to not justify the worst that any man or woman has to say and simply dismiss it as locker room talk.

I’ve been accused by many of not listening to the other side.

They’re right. I won’t listen to this constant stream of hate for President Obama, who by all definitions, has left this country better than he found it, economically, strategically and otherwise. I won’t listen to these attacks on Hillary Clinton about thing found only conservative websites with no proof backing them up, I won’t listen to people dismissing the promotion and advocacy of sexual assault as boys being boys, and I WON’T listen to someone telling me that someone who flies off the handle and rambles incoherently is a good choice to have the nuclear football within arm’s reach.

If you want to have a discussion about policy, I’m all ears.

Don’t invoke your fucking God. Don’t invoke appeals to tradition. Don’t invoke “Boys being Boys.” Stop trying to legitimize behavior that even 20 years ago would have gotten students expelled from high schools and colleges across the country. Stop trying to use the time you’re wasting of mine to advance your maladjusted and maladaptive world views. If your views were viable in the first place, we wouldn’t be having debates about them, they would simply be.

Every four years I’m reminded about how easily one can dismiss fact in the face of fear and anger and every four years I get closer and closer to just building a cabin in the woods and getting away from all of the goddamned negativity. Every four years I have to deal with the most hateful shit being spewed by people who fucking SHOULD know better, and every four years I get caught up in it.

Every goddamned time.

Every four years I keep saying, “You know what, not going to even follow the election this year. I don’t need that shit in my head.” But, then someone says something I simply can’t ignore any longer and I become Phineas Gage.

Pushing back on intolerance and hate is not being unreasonable. It’s the only reasonable reaction when confronted by insanity. For 90 minutes last night, Donald Trump showed us what kind of a person he is. For the past year, my friends and family have been showing me who they are, and I can’t say I’m particularly happy about either revelation.

Last night, I wanted to hear about policy. I wanted to hear about what each candidate had in store for America in the next four years. All last night showed me was that in four more years, I’m just going to be pissed off by random stupidity and anger again.

If you truly believe that Trump will keep you safe, I’d like to know why because I wholeheartedly disagree. I’ll have a very legitimate and respectful discussion with you. But, the second you start talking about locker room talk, you’re officially a reprehensible person and have lost my respect.

I don’t care if your beliefs are different than mine. I kind of hope that’s the case. We can talk about anything and have different ways of looking at the world. Awesome. Diversity is something I absolutely love. I can barely stand myself, I don’t want to hang out with someone like myself. But, the second you try and legitimize a world view that advocates violence, sexual assault and ignore human decency, I’ll fight you every goddamned time.


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