4th of July Rant

I wish I could say that the 4th of July meant something to me other than a reason to get together with friends to drink myself into a stupor. But, this particular 4th I’m working, so no such luck. I suppose it should matter to me that a few hundred years ago, a bunch of people in pantaloons fought one of the first “necessary” wars that paved the way for me being able to be a complete dickhead and not get lynched for it.

But, I can’t say this. I mean, mentally I acknowledge the reason that we celebrate the 4th. I can’t think of anything wrong with it. But, given the direction our country is going lately, I can’t help but think that this day marks the celebration of an ultimately failed democratic experiment.

  • Net neutrality is threatened, which gives me one of my only outlets as a human being to express my views.
  • Religion (specifically, Christianity) is being inserted in to any laws those retards can manage.

I could go on and on, but suffice to say my outlook on this country’s future is decidedly bleak.

Every time I consider the direction and current state of this country, I am reminded of the state of affairs in Rome right before the city was sacked by the Visigoths in the 5th century. I’m reminded of the kind of complacency that had gripped Rome by that time, where they were so absolutely sure they were the center of the world (check out the average idiot American, and you’ll understand. “‘Merica, fuck yeah…” ad nauseum…). They were so busy consolidating power in one seat, they forgot that the will of the nation resided in the people. The people forgot this as well, and as a result they were unable to focus enough to recognize the threat of Alaric’s forces for what they were; the ultimate Roman existential threat.

We face a similar threat today, though it’s more of a idealistic kind of threat that may yet open us up to the will of foreign powers.

It’s our “Roman” sense of entitled complacency; this feeling that “We are America, and we do not fail.” Those who feel this way are fucking stupid. I can’t be kind about this.

First of all, we are not a bunch of farmers and builders looking to make a better world for ourselves and our children. We are a nation of consumers looking to find the next iPhone version, while looking to anally fist fuck our world in the process for our own selfish gain. There is no “we the people” anymore because no one will bother to look up from their tablets to read any document our country was founded on. We’re a nation of isolated individuals, walking down the road lockstep to the beat of a digitized totalitarian group-thought-machine. No one wants to learn anything. No one wants to be anything. We all just want to be spoon-fed our opinions in bytes by electronic media and all the clown shoes that FOXNews can scare up.

  • The NSA spys on us and we take it.
  • The police conduct unwarranted searches and seizures of our property and our assets and we do nothing.
  • The Supreme Court rules that religion has sway over our lives and mandate more and more control to the very people who are worst qualified to have it, and we sit by and bitch on our blogs.
  • Our elected officials lie to us, and we do not call them to account for it.

Someone not too long ago said to me, “The shit’s gonna hit the fan soon.”

No. The shit hit the fan a long time ago. We’re the dumb assholes standing by the fan, covered in the shit with impotently pissed off scowls while it runs down our faces.

Because, we’re not doing anything about it.

There are REAL dangers out there. North Korea, Putin, extremist groups. These things exist, and what do we worry about? Those cunts on Dancing With The Stars. The World Cup.

Despite everything I’ve just said, there is a glimmer of hope in my eye as I key these words. I am free.

“I will accept any rules that you feel necessary to your freedom. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”

– Robert H. Heinlein

I don’t give a shit about your gripes with the ACA, because you’re uneducated. I don’t care what you’re watching on TV, because you’re distracted. I don’t care if you try to spy on what I do online, because I am simply a digital phantom. I don’t care what rules you try to impose on me, because I ignore them all, anyway. I will work within your system when it suits me, and outside the system when it suits me.

I am free.

Because let’s face it, if our forefathers were brought forward in time to see what you fuckers have done to the place, they’d look on its end with a smile.

So, Happy July 4th everyone. Today is my Independence Day. I will celebrate Independence Day when the country I grew up thinking hearing about, finally starts existing again.

When we pull out of other people’s countries that don’t want us there, start giving every single American citizen the rights and privileges as everyone else, stop letting small minded, bigoted, pseudo-evangelists power in the highest offices we have, then I’ll believe that we are what we say we are;

…one nation, indivisible.

Until then, don’t tell me you’re free, because when your enslavement arrives, you won’t even look up from your mobile devices to see the chains around your wrists, much less acknowledge that you’ve been had.


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