A Letter to My Daughter

6 monthsMy Dearest Mara,

When you were born, I didn’t really know much of what to do. All I did was smile and be happy with your mother, who was probably too exhausted to be happier. When we took you home, we didn’t really know too much more of what to do. We did what we thought we should, and so far it’s working out.

A couple of seconds ago, I was watching you eat a hotdog wrapped in a biscuit-type thingy and something amazing hit me.

You are more of an amazing person than I had hoped for, and you’re not even 3 yet. I look in your eyes, and I FEEL like you’re my daughter. You are so much more than your mother and I, and you haven’t even started to become anything near what you will be. Even when you’re causing hell and whining. Actually when you’re causing hell and whining, I know that you are your mother’s daughter, but that’s neither here nor there. 😛

I look at you and I see so much potential, and I can’t wait to see what you start to do with your life.

I want you to know that I will never be too busy for you. I will never think you are not good enough, because right now you are better than anyone else I know, including me. I will never hurt you, or belittle you. I will tease you, but only in fun, and only because your father is a bit of a dick, or comedian. Whatever.

I can’t wait to teach you things. How to laugh, how to fight, how to love (though you are already better than I on that score), how to do your own thing, and how to be your own person. I don’t want anything specific for you besides happiness and to be a complete person. Who you love, who you hate, who you fight and who you embrace are things that you must find out for yourself, and I will never tire of helping you, or holding your hand through this journey, if that’s what you want.

If you want me close, I will be close. If you want me far away, I will be far away, content with the shadows when your face brings light into my life.

I will keep my eyes on you, even when you don’t want me to. Because that’s what I do. I protect those I love. You can ask your mother about that. If you get into trouble that you can’t handle, all you need to do is tell me and I’ll destroy whatever threatens you. If I need to die so that you will be safe, or even have a chance of safety, I will give my life without a second’s hesitation. I don’t care what you need from me, it’s yours.

Nothing else in this world has ever given me more inner peace, more happiness, more love and more proof that there is good in this world.

I just wanted you to know all of this. I’m not perfect, make no mistake about that. But, with you and your mother, I am the closest to that concept as I could possibly be.


Your loving father


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