Over-Exposure? Meh.

2ec8dd96300457dbc6f040242bb147db23f4767fed7c21f739fd54415b94c39eThat email I received yesterday really hit me in a basic way, namely it brought to the surface the question, “Do I reveal too much in my writing?”

What do YOU think? Feel free to tell me via email or in the comments below, or on Facebook. Or don’t. Whatever. This is a topic I never really thought too much about, because I assumed that this is what a blog is for. A place to share your life and thoughts about said life, no matter how trivial and mundane either may be.

I guess the reality is that I never considered myself part of the human race, and I look at humans through the prism of a similar creature, with similar characteristics, but quite simply, I’m not one of you. I see people getting stressed out by stupid things, and I fuckin’ giggle. I see you argue over trivial differences in the species and divisions and I wonder how it is that none of you have managed to kill all of us yet. As a student and cataloger of humanity, I consider my life anything but mundane and trivial. This is all I have. All I really own are my thoughts and my experiences, so if I’m not blogging about either of those, what the fuck am I writing about?

I consider myself a student of humanity. I look at you guys and some of you are so beautiful it breaks my heart. Some of you are exactly the opposite, but in either case, even in the cases of those who are neither, you are absolutely interesting. Your petty squabbles and preferences amuse me, your minds captivate me, and even when you’re pissing me off to an extent that makes me want to grab the nearest firearm, I am enthralled.

Then again, maybe my dwelling on sex and pwnage is just a smoke screen for my feelings of inadequacies. To be honest, I’m not aware of any of those feelings, I’m simply bringing it up to be completely objective and fair. I guess if I’m not talking about the shit I own, that I don’t feel the need to say anything. All I really own are my life experiences, my rage, my anger, my love, my sensuality, my contempt, my acceptance, and my willingness to make sense of it all, even the senseless. I guess my blogging and writing in general is just to get everything out of my head so I don’t kill someone, making room for new experiences. In my opinion, the reason for life to exist is to experience everything that it has to offer. I guess the fact that I intend on experiencing everything means that I should expose everything and hold nothing back. After all, we’re on this rock floating in space together, aren’t we?

So, I guess there’s my answer. I suppose that my writing is just the recording of my thoughts and feelings as fast as I possibly can. Whether it’s too much, or too little for the rest of the world is really irrelevant, I would imagine. It simply is. Just like me.

Also, I apologize that this entry got a little more philosophical than I intended it to. Meh.

I expose what I feel the need or want to expose.


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