Tried to Get a Free Character Transfer From Blizzard, Failed but Still Won…

Just made an attempt to get a free character transfer for World of Warcraft, and while I didn’t get it, I made them laugh and I giggled writing my request. Good time had by all.

My request:

Was just wondering if there was any way I could get a complimentary character transfer? Probably not, but I didn’t think it would hurt to ask. I play a mean guitar and I’m not the worst looking guy on the server? I can also bake a pie for whomever will do this for me. Seriously. Even pumpkin pie. Actually, especially pumpkin pie. Did I mention you’re looking especially nice today? That shirt really suits the color of your eyes. 🙂 Anyway if not, I at least hope my absurdity gave you a laugh. That is unless you take humor in payment. I’m also a little sleep deprived. Not because of WOW though. I have a 2 year old. A 2 year old who recently discovered that breaking Papa’s expensive gadgets is probably not the best use of her time.

True story, she broke a computer of mine when she attempted to propel a Lego block near the speed of light. My computer stopped the lego block from proving Einstein’s relativity theories wrong. Had it not, it probably would have ripped a hole in the fabric of spacetime and killed us all. It would have sucked us into a dimension where everyone had large heads and wore leopard print. Could you imagine? An entire universe decorated like a South Jersey living room. Ugh. Anyway, have a great night. 🙂

Their Response: =)


Thank you for contacting the Blizzard Entertainment. This is Game Master Uridet. And that was a lovely story :D. Gave me a smile which is always a fun way to end the day.

But we are unable to offer free character services on a personal level, we do however sometimes offer server wide transfers to help out with balancing populations :D. This service is listed as Character migration on the website and is located in the same area as the othe services. So you can login there to check if your server currently is able to transfer for free.

If not, it would be best to bring this up on your servers forums at to let our developers know. If they decide it is needed, they can turn on the free transfers for your server.

If you need additional assistance please click the green “I Still Have A Problem” button, or feel free to call Account & Technical Services. Our contact information can be found at

Seriously, no hard feelings. =) I didn’t think it would succeed at all, I just figured I’d take a swing. I guess I’m paying for a character transfer. lol

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