Here we go again…

3opcxcSo, been a solid month since I posted anything, and the reason for that is simple. The site has not been online for a month(ish). The reasons are complicated and more than a bit melodramatic, so I’ll spare you the details. However, my board and my website are back up and (barring further unluckiness) will stay that way.

It will take some time to get things to where they were before, but it won’t take that long I don’t think.

But, not only have I been off of my website, I’ve been off of Facebook and Twitter, and just lacked an online presence in general. Once, I got it back, it was like the first injection of heroin into the veins of someone who had been clean for years. Bliss. I missed you guys and it’s great to be back.

Other than that, my wife, dog and child will be moving to Florida, leaving this fucking state early (3am) Sunday morning. After a slight delay in New Jersey to visit my father and sister, heading down to better things and better work. Feels good to write again. Feels good to do anything again.

You never know what you miss until you don’t have it anymore.

Also to the Death Squad, the DS board is now back up, though in no way the state that it was before. It will take some time to get things back to the way they used to be, so if anyone knows how to modify phpbb boards and wants the job of helping me reinstall everything (as I will be pretty busy for the next few weeks, and will only be able to devote time to that project sporadically), let me know and I’ll make the necessary arrangements. If not, just sit tight and we’ll be back to operating capacity in a bit.

That being said, you’ll need to get new accounts, as when the shit hit the fan, I didn’t have a viable backup of the database. And for this, I could fucking kick myself.


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