NPC: Aerlyn Windsong (Female Elf, Moon – Com2/Rog8)

Aerlyn Windsong, Female Elf, Moon Com2/Rog8: CR 9; Medium Humanoid (Elf); HD 2d4-2(Commoner) , 8d6-8(Rogue) ; hp 46; Init +10; Spd 30; AC:16 (Flatfooted:16 Touch:16); Atk +9/4 base melee, +13/8 base ranged; +15/10 (1d6+3, Sword of Subtlety); +12/7 (1d6+2, Shortbow, composite ( +3 Str Bonus), Masterwork); +13/8 (1d3+2, Unarmed strike); SQ: Immunity: Sleep Effects (Ex), Low-light Vision (Ex), +2 Saves vs. Enchantment Spells and Effects; AL CN; SV Fort +1, Ref +12, Will +3; STR 14, DEX 22, CON 9, INT 16, WIS 13, CHA 13.

Skills: Balance +19, Disable Device +14, Escape Artist +19, Handle Animal +10, Hide +19, Jump +5, Listen +3, Move Silently +19, Open Lock +14, Ride +11, Search +18, Spot +7, Use Rope +12.

Feats: Armor Proficiency: light, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus: Sword, short.
Weapons: Sword of Subtlety (22,310 gp); Shortbow, composite ( +3 Str Bonus), Masterwork (600 gp); Arrows (50), Masterwork (350 gp).
Armor: Leather Scale, Masterwork (185 gp).
Goods: Coin: gp (7555) (7,555 gp).
Magic: Ring: Protection +3 (18,000 gp).

Aerlyn Windsong was born in Myth Drannor into indentured servitude to Lord Bannis Tyrhand, one of the local magistrates. She ran away at an early age, to become an adventurer, hearing the call of the North Winds. Lord Tyrhand however, has put a bounty on her head that is the same as what she owed left on her servitude.  (3000GP) As a result she trusts very few people and has become somewhat of a thorn in the side of the Dalelands authorities. (It is unlikely that outside of the Dalelands that anyone knows of this bounty.) She refuses to pay the bounty herself because, “I refuse to pay for a service that I never agreed to render.”

Though she is an accomplished treasure hunter, she has never taken a life of a sentient creature that hasn’t threatened her life, something she takes great pride in. “I’m a thief, not a kriffing murderer.” While she is a crack shot with a bow, she prefers the combat action of up close and personal sneak attacks, usually having something smart-assed to say as she dispatches an opponent. Willful and petulant at times, she can be a party’s greatest asset, or worst enemy.

NPC Type: Mercenary, Plot Device

System: D&D 3.5/Pathfinder (Conversion Required), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting


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