Thanksgiving, It’s That Time…

So, this is where I am supposed to say what I am thankful for this year, right? I have to be honest, I’m thankful year-round for the things I’ve been lucky enough to have, and the things I have been unlucky enough to lose. Everything comes with it’s opposite, so I suppose I should be pretty specific.

I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made this year, even though some of them have went their own ways. I’m also thankful that because of that last part ,that my wife has found a new sense of self-worth and determination to accomplish her goals.

I’m thankful that my daughter is healthy. I’m thankful that she hasn’t been the hellion that most parents are raising these days, and I’m thankful that her “terrible two’s” stage will be over soon.

I’m thankful that Donna, Mara and I will be proceeding to the next evolution in our lives, and hopeful that it will be every bit as great and wonderful as we have in our heads.

I’m thankful for the money made and spent. I’m simply thankful for the fact that, no matter what the problems, what the situation, and what the outcome, life goes on and will never be as horrible as someone thinks it could be.

I’m absolutely grateful and thankful for my Twitter followers and friends, who make my online existence fun again. I’m thankful that I had the drive to finish my first full length book with enough remaining to start my new one. I’m thankful that my life is starting to be remade into my own image when I got too sick and tired of the one I had been living.

I’m thankful for my friends and family, whether or not they have time for me.

I’m happy and thankful that Seth MacFarlane has successfully trolled America by killing off Brian from Family Guy. Tickled, really.

But, most of all, I am thankful for the people who act the opposite way they should, because it’s given me a template of what NOT to do, and the goal of being a better person than they are. I am thankful for the opportunity to leave people who can’t keep up with my life in the dust, wondering what went wrong.

I’m thankful for the fact that in the past 12 months, my life has changed in ways I can’t even begin to fully explain, and that although the change isn’t always visible, it is there. I am happy for the fact that eventually everything changes, and if you apply your energies properly, the changes will usually be for the better.

I’m thankful for everything that happened to me and mine this year, good or bad. Every tear shed, every hug held a bit longer than needed, every laugh, every angry moment, every single second of my life. Because I’m absolutely thankful to be alive.

Oh, and Pez. I’m very thankful for Pez. And hookers.


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