“Feeling the Morning”, My Morning Ritual

Albert-Einstein-MiracleMy morning is a very lazy affair, which usually goes as follows. (Keep in mind that any of these steps can be circumvented by hearing my daughter in the next room. Her needs come before mine, so I tend to her and pick up where I left off.)

1. Awake to a dark room and look at the clock.

2. Stay in bed for another half hour.

3. Sit up slowly, eyes closed and relax, taking 10 deep breaths.

4. Rub my wife’s butt and kiss her on the forehead or back of the head, depending on which way she is facing.

5. Refuse attempts by my wife to get me back into bed, unless I really got up prematurely.

5a. If really tired, lie back down and cuddle for 15-20 minutes.

6. Get up, find my clothes in the darkness, put them on and let the dog out into the living room.

7. Make coffee, feed/water dog, get Mara’s food ready.

8. Put shoes and socks on and put the dog outside for her morning poop.

After this I do something I call, “Feeling the Morning”. I spend about 5 to 10 minutes outside looking at the most beautiful part of the sky I can find. Then I let my thoughts wander. I call it “Feeling the Morning” because I feel like the world and I are kissing each other good morning, like two sleepy-eyed lovers atangle in sheets.

I let the energy of the morning wash through me, sometimes I have a poem in my head, or a lyric from a song and I allow the sense of calm or whatever is happening that morning invade me. If the morning seems rushed and frantic, I know I’m in for a long day, and this allows me to mentally prepare for it. If the morning seems lazy and sleepy, then I know I’m up for that kind of day. No matter the kind of morning I feel is coming on, this little ritual calms me for the day.

Taking just five minutes to kiss the world good morning, makes a positive difference in your whole day.

Here’s to yours.

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