Babbit, the Media and Their Ignorance

Jeffrey Babbit in Coma Due to Hate Crime

The Zimmerman/Martin Primer

On Saturday, Jeffrey Babbit 62, was put into a coma and is legally brain dead after being hit by Lashawn Marten 31, and hitting his head on the sidewalk. Marten hit Babbit because he was apparently the first white person he saw. Marten’s goal was to “punch the first white man I see.”

The fact that Marten is black and Babbit is white, seems to be irrelevant in this issue, as it is a bit cut and dry for me. An asshole essentially killed someone and is now behind bars. Fine case closed, except for the families affected. But, there is something a bit more sinister at work here.

Guess how I was made aware of this incident? I didn’t hear it from FOXNews, I didn’t hear it from MSNBC, CNN or any of the other so-called “news” outlets. I heard about it because I follow comedian Jim Norton on Twitter.

Apparently, NO ONE else is talking about this.  A chance reading of one of ‘lil Jimmy’s tweets, provoked me to enter Jeffrey Babbit’s name into Google and lo and behold the top article was from Newsday, hardly a high profile news source. This should be of major concern to everyone who actually gives a shit about what happens in this country. It’s not enough to know that racial hate crimes happen all over the country, because we all know they do. It’s not enough to know that the statistics are largely slanted towards the prevalence of black on black crime, or black on white crime, because I think that everyone pretty much knows this. I’m not saying that white on white crime or white on black crime doesn’t exist, because it does.

I’m talking about the inequality of racial discrimination in reporting the news. I’m talking about if you kill someone, I don’t care if you’re black, white, Hispanic, Malay, or a chicken. I want your fucking ignorant ass displayed in homes so that EVERY SINGLE PERSON in America knows what a violent, maladaptive little shit you are.

The mainstream media is stunningly silent about this, and this is one of those instances that makes me wonder why we have a mainstream media in the first place. The Zimmerman trial was all over the media, but this incident is essentially ignored. Why? When the Zimmerman trial was big news, all you kept hearing about was how the black community was pissed that Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, and the white community was pleased that Zimmerman “defended” himself. There are enough anomalies within this case to suggest that Zimmerman started the fight which led to Martin’s death, but again I’m reserving judgment.

The fact that it takes independent media to really inform you of every relevant event is the exact opposite of what the news informative standard should be at this point. I literally had to get this from a comedian attached to a comedy radio show to find out about it. What the fuck does that tell you?

The fact that this is obviously a hate crime does very little to convince me of anything besides racial hatred being an archaic form of thinking that is still thriving, even now.

Zimmerman and Martin. Marten and Babbit.

This is all the logical end of the equation, wherein stupid people make stupid decisions. The media didn’t really give too much of a shit about the ethics and logistics of what happened, they cared about the conflict. The fact that white people and black people were further polarized by this event made for great ratings and more money made by mainstream media. The Marten/Babbit affair wasn’t reported by the mainstream media because there is no conflict. An asshole put someone into a coma, and he was arrested. Case closed. The fact of it being a hate crime is secondary, but still important. This should be just as high profile as the Zimmerman trial.

Hate crimes happen everywhere. The mainstream media showing you open and shut cases of hate crimes, objectively, is something that NEVER happens anymore. This should be on the front page so that everyone could realize that racism is NOT dead on either side of the black/white divide, assholes will always be assholes, and the mainstream media doesn’t give a SHIT about you unless you can make them money with your story.

Thanks to Jim Norton (@jimnorton), for making me aware of this story. Follow him. Because he’s fuckin’ funny. And sexy, in a two-day old bird kind of way.


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