First Same-Sex Marriage License in Erie, PA =)

Reading an article in the Erie Times Newspaper this morning at breakfast, I was very happy to learn that Montgomery county in Pennsylvania was offering marriage certificates for same-sex couples. However, the couple ended up being scared during their wedding because they were afraid of Governor Corbett annulling their marriage before they had it.

Now, under normal circumstances, most people, Republican or Democrat, couldn’t be bothered to put gay marriage on their list of “Things to Fuck Up Today”. However, circumstances are hardly normal. The Republican party’s stance against gay and lesbian affairs has not changed, and I’m convinced that the only reason that the marriage didn’t get screwed with is because Governor Corbett wasn’t aware of it happening in time to do something asinine about it.

Let’s face it, the Republican party and the Conservative hate machine that is ultimately in control of said party is very specific on the issues of gay and lesbian civil rights. Namely that they shouldn’t have any. “It’s against party doctrine and God”, they all seem to say. It always strikes me as funny when someone invokes God and religion in a sweeping way regarding a civil rights issue. It’s like Ghandi fighting in the UFC. There is simply no place for Ghandi in the UFC, nor a place for God in politics and civil rights issues, full stop.

Commonwealth Court will be hearing arguments on September 4th about the “rogue office” in Montgomery County that has issued licenses to around 100 gay and lesbian couples this summer. What’s interesting about this is that the Department of Health oversees the marriage laws in Pennsylvania. Orphan’s Court Clerk Bruce Hanes started issuing the licenses after DOMA was struck down by the Supreme Court. However, a law from 1996 defines marriage in the state of PA as a legal contract between a man and a woman, and even if it is entered legally anywhere else, is STILL void in Pennsylvania.

Reasonably, no one has the right to tell these young women that their marriage means nothing, whether legally, or otherwise. The idiocy that is the oppression and degradation of same-sex couples and the gay/lesbian community in general, in my opinion, comes from the religious right. The premise is simple, if you don’t want to have a same-sex marriage, you don’t marry someone of the same-sex. You have no right to tell ANYONE that what they’re doing is wrong.

The religious right doesn’t work that way, they seem to say, “We believe in this book, which most of us have never read, and in this book it says that gay and lesbian relations are wrong and against God.” Since when do religious politics get to tell someone who went through the process, that their marriage isn’t legal?

Here’s the deal. From what I hear, Governor Corbett is a nice guy. I’ve never met the man, but this is what I hear. This is a chance for him to get on the right side of this issue. This is the struggle of our generation, the struggle for gay and lesbian civil rights, the rights for them to enter into a marriage contract with their spouse, and be just as miserable or happy as the rest of us are.

As I understand it, (and believe me, I do) Christianity, the GOOD type of Christianity, not the perverted kind of repressive idiocy that these morons parade around, is about who you include, not who you exclude. Why not get on the right side of the issue and include these people in the community and realize that they are EXACTLY like you? They love, they laugh, they live and they die.

Governor Corbett, by not acknowledging these people as having the same rights and privileges as everyone else, you are identifying yourself as bigoted, religiously screwed-up and morally reprehensible. But, maybe that’s what you are. Maybe this is what you’re comfortable with. I hear otherwise, but the fact is that only assholes judge others for things they can’t change. Get on the right side of this.

If you are against same-sex marriage and pair bonding, you are wrong. Period.

Source: Erie Times News (Sunday Edition 8/25/13) and





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