Making Better Decisions to Accomplish Your Goals

9043902Reading Facebook this morning, I came across someone who did an update something like this, “I am not in control of my life.” This kind of broke my heart a bit.

I’m curious as to how people don’t feel as if they are in control of their own lives. Going with the flow is NOT a human trait that came with the package of birth, it is a learned behavior that is given to you by your environment and those you associate with. So, what we’re going to do in this article is discuss the ways that I make decisions to take control of my life. Maybe you’ll decide that this might work for you, maybe not. But, either way take control of your life and make the decisions that are right for YOU.

1. Decide what you want. What are your short term goals. Lose 30 pounds? Get a better job? Well, for most people, myself included, deciding what you want is the second hardest part of decision making. Being exact about what you want gives you a focal point for your efforts. So set a goal right now. Doesn’t matter what it is.

2. Make the decision to accomplish your goal. A decision is not choosing between two things. A decision is turning towards your goal and not giving yourself a choice but to accomplish it. Deciding between vanilla and chocolate ice cream is a choice, not a decision. The moment of commitment to your choice is the decision. You have a choice of being 100 pounds overweight, or you have a choice to be healthy. The moment you commit to being healthy is when you truly make a decision.

3. Determine the steps necessary to accomplish your goal. Let’s say that we want to lose 10 pounds. (Weight loss seems to be one of the goals most people have.) So, what would we have to do? Well, objectively that which is good will help us, that which is bad will hinder us. So, reducing your intake by 30% will help you, so that is a good action. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates and fats in your food, while increasing your protein content, will help you as well, so THAT is also a good action. Doing 30 minutes of cardio activity a day will VERY much help your physical state, to THAT is also a good action.

4. Do it! Getting off your ass and getting it done is the hardest part of the decision. But, then again, you’ve already committed to it, so where’s the problem? The problems are excuses, otherwise known as the bullshit reasons you give yourself as to why you can’t accomplish your goals.

“I can’t workout because I have health problems.” So, reduce your intake like we described above.

“I don’t like sweating.” Get the hell over it. People sweat. That’s why modern man created showers, and the process of washing clothes.

If you want to get a look at decision making defined, look no further than MulattoBrothaGW, known to his friends as Gino. This man has gone from a rather large dude, to an extremely fit one in a very little stretch of time. How did he do this? He made a goal of being healthy, he outlined the steps he would need and executed those steps with the results he would be proud to show you. You want to know what pride looks like? Ask him. He’ll show you.

This guy is a testament to the the power of action.

YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO THIS! All you need to do is get off your ass and do it.


5. Create structures for positive reinforcement. If you’re trying to lose weight, give yourself a small treat when you’ve hit a milestone. Associating your accomplishments and you actions with treats and positive thinking will result in the work you’re doing not even seeing like work anymore.

Give yourself some credit for the things you do! If you’ve lost 5 pounds, look in the mirror and try to find where you lost it. Try to fit into some jeans you couldn’t fit into before. Guaranteed you’ll get closer. Celebrate your achievements and realize that failure is not failure, it is just training for the day when you succeed. As Courage Wolf says, “Fall down 7 times, get up 8.”


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