My Impending YouTube Return

1320703222692Yeah, you read that title right. I’m returning to YouTube. I know I don’t really have a large audience, but I’m just in the mood to make videos lately. So, I think it would be fun to do so. Granted, the topics I’m choosing for my first three videos are the usual Bane fare; Dave and Atheism. But, in reality these are the only things going on that I really have something to say about.

That being said, these are not the only things going on in my life by any stretch of the imagination. I probably have TOO much going on right now to be honest. However, the things going on in my life that AREN’T Dave and Atheism are rather nondescript because there is really nothing to talk about. My career goes on much as it has been, my personal life is very robust and happy, my books are coming along just fine (ASLOTDR is due on LULU at the end of the month, Ladies First is in its proofreading/editing phase) and my impending move to Florida has been pushed back again, due to budgetary issues with my new job. Meh. Whatever. Like I said, humdrum at best.

I don’t imagine that Dave videos or atheism videos are going to get much of a following. I’m fine with this, to be perfectly honest, I really couldn’t care any less. I never really did YouTube videos for anyone else but myself. My wife says I should start doing the wacky videos I used to do. Those videos will come when they come, I suppose. But, for the moment, I really feel the need to sit in front of the camera and rant like an asshole.


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