A Little Experiment with 24 Hours to Live

What are you looking for in your life?

What drives you to get up in the morning?

What do you hope to accomplish everyday?

Can you answer these very basic questions? Can you sit down and think objectively about what would make you happy as a human being? (Provided you’re not happy now, that is….) Can you dedicate yourself to finding out what the hell it is you want from this life?

I would like you to do the following experiment for two days (preferably days where you don’t have work or whatever).

Step One – The Control

The control is pretty simple. Simply live one day of your life normally, going through all your normal motions and such.

Step Two – The Experiment

You need to mentally put yourself in the following circumstances;

  1. You have 24 hours to live.
  2. You have ALREADY said your goodbyes to those who matter to you.
  3. You will not “die” per se, you will simply and painlessly, cease to exist.
  4. There is no afterlife.

Go through one day with this mindset, attempting to cram as much “life” into your life as you possibly can for 24 hours. If you like, keep a list of the things you’ve done in each step, and when you’ve woken up the next day, compare the two.

The purpose of this experiment is to show you whether you are “living” or “existing”.

I did this experiment a few weeks ago. Whereas my first list contained things like, “fed Mara”, “did dishes”, “work on book”, “surf Twitter”, my second list contained things like, “shared a slice of pizza with Mara”, “played with my dog outside”, “made love to my wife”, “read a few chapters of a book I wanted to read for a long time”, “watched the sun set”.

In both of the lists, I had the mundane details of “dishes”, “bills” etc; But, in one of the lists I treated the day as a burden and simply did what needed to be done. In the second, I truly put myself in the mindset of having only 24 hours to live. I was nicer to people. I did things that made me happy. I spent more time with my family.

I “lived”.

This experiment taught me one thing;

Your life is filled with a finite amount of moments, and the purpose of my life is to make each one count. To make sure that every single moment in my life, I’m living. I’m not simply “existing”.

This experiment taught me the value of the power of “DO”. Quite simply, the power of getting up and doing something, anything. Not just sitting there and letting your heart pump blood through your body, but allowing your heart to experience things. Not sitting there and watching everyone else create things on the internet, but downloading the software to create things of your own. Not sitting on the couch and watching football, but getting up and tossing a ball to your dog.

Don’t just let others entertain you. Entertain yourself, put something out into the world.

Give hugs to strangers, spend time with your family (if your family makes you happy), learn a new skill, read a new book.

Something to make you a little happier every day.

The power of “DO” is easy to use and more addictive every time you use it.

The purpose is not to get things accomplished, that to me is incidental. The purpose is to fill your life with every kind of experience you could possibly value so that when it’s finally over, you can look back and be proud and happy of the life you led. The purpose is to enjoy your life.

I don’t care what your religious beliefs are, or what god you pray to, whether or not you believe in an afterlife…


You, sitting there reading this right now.

You. Are. Awesome. Get off your ass and start fucking acting like it! Live your life.


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