Now That I’m A Bit Calmer…

I’m sitting in a dark room, with only my computer screen to give what light I need. I’m sitting in the dark because I’m a little depressed.


Depression I suppose is the wrong word. More like a lazy annoyance that reminds me that I judged someone SO wrong.

So very, very wrong.

In my previous blog entry, I was a bit angry and said some things, while correct in my opinion, that were unnecessary. I don’t regret saying them, I just know they were unnecessary. I am so very, very bothered about the notion that this woman has that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax that was politically motivated to start the discussion about gun control.

This notion is so sociopathic and tin-foil helmet that I really am at a loss of words for how hurt I am.

The idea that 9-11 was an inside job to me is a weird conundrum that I don’t really care too much about to be perfectly honest, only because within the course of the investigation, anomalies were discovered, but EVERY investigation and circumstance has its own specific anomalies. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Whatever.

The discussion about gun-control was started way before. Aurora was, to some minds a starting point of the affair, but we all know that’s not true. Gun control is not an issue because the laws regarding gun control have not appreciably changed since the expiration of the assault weapon ban. Again, whatever. Clearly, there are some facts and evidence missing from her analysis, and I personally think if your opinion isn’t based on fact and evidence, that you should keep it to yourself.

Which brings me back to this chick.

I’m an asshole. I have said some things that I’m sure some people consider in poor taste, but when I say these things, I say them because I believe them to be true and I do my level best to make sure that the feelings of those who are affected by something aren’t hurt unless they deserve to be.

Disregarding the families of those victims of Sand Hook in so callous a manner just proves to me what a shitty person she is. When I say something, people expect it because I’ve never pulled my punches and I don’t pretend to be this pathetic troubled soul on the verge of falling apart. Talking all the time about how hard her life is, and then turning around and saying this shit just paints her to be exactly how I thought she was a month or so ago…

…a pathetic little drama queen with no sense of right or wrong. There is no right, there is no wrong, there is only her next fix of attention. I can deal with a certain amount of quirkiness and craziness in a person, but when you not only step over the line, but smear shit on it while you cross, you’re not simply a little quirky, or a little crazy.

You’re simply a horrible person.

When I’m making the accusation that someone has stepped over the line, you know that something fucked up just happened…

What REALLY fucking killed me though, is not just that it was said, not even that she defended every little thing she said, giving NO evidence, links or sources for her bullshit claim, but when someone called her out on her bullshit, saying she was disrespecting the victims, she said the following;

“Well they’re not friends on my Facebook, so they’re not going to see my opinions.”

So not only does she disregard the idea that it actually happened, she admits that even if it DID happen that the idea that she’s not friends with any of them somehow makes it alright. How very understanding.

These people have gone through REAL tragedy and REAL loss, not the self-inflicted attention seeking that this woman has put herself through. And I’m glad she has the emotional fortitude to deny a bunch of people the respect of grieving when she doesn’t even share a common country with them, let alone common events, because when I suggested a few months ago that the shit she went through could have possibly been her fault because she lost control, she didn’t take that too well. I’m glad to see the same standards of respect and decency don’t apply to her. It would be a shame if she were judged by the same magnifying glass she holds the rest of the world up to. Maybe the rest of the world would realize how much of a waste it is to give her just one minute of their time.

Maybe the finger that she points at people she doesn’t even know when saying “this is the problem with our society” should be turned back at her own pathetic life so that she realizes, that if there is a way out of this death spiral of stupidity, the incoherent and disrespectful ramblings of an uneducated tart are not a great beginning to find the solution.

In this way, she is no better than the Glenn Beck conspiracy theorists and the Tea-Party birthers who insist on sowing division to get attention for their own agendas and viewpoints. I’m not saying that we have to agree. I’m saying that what we believe needs to conform to reality, if we wish to have it taken seriously. Before today, I never would have thought her capable of such a malicious and purposeful cognitive error. I credited her with a little bit of class.

I was wrong to do so.

If anything, that is what disappoints me the most. The fact that I gave someone a second chance who didn’t deserve one. I should have saw through it. I shouldn’t have been so eager to forgive and forget. As a result, it’s hard for me to not look at normally logical and reasonable people and think, “When are you going to do something stupid?” Because, I know that eventually, I’ll be wrong about most of the people I cherish.

I do know one thing, my life will be substantially less dramatic without her, and I sure could use a lot less drama in my life. Hopefully, she’ll pull her head out of her ass because at this point, she’s truly alone in this world. After today, I honestly believe she deserves to be.

Good luck with whatever bubble of insanity you settle on immersing yourself in…


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