Oh. My. God.


My mind is so full of fuck right now…

I don’t mind when someone has a dissenting opinion, but this is some next-level, here-there-be-monsters, conspiracy theory type shit.

If you’re batshit crazy, you’re not “brave” (as a later commented noted); you’re simply batshit crazy.

1st of all, it’s not controversial, it’s stupid and grossly misinformed.

2nd, “A LOT of research” which later in a comment was explained as “hours and hours of research”. Well, I’m glad someone can become a fucking expert in foreign affairs in “hours and hours”. You can’t even learn a simplistic programming language in “hours and hours”. Yes, obviously the intricacies of supposed covert operations in a foreign country can be grasped with “hours and hours of research.”

3rd, “I despair at the world we live in.” The FIRST thing we agree on. But, probably not for the same reasons. While there aren’t laws that confine crazy fucking people to their own homes with tracking devices, sane people marginalize them because we realize they are nuts.

There are no laws against holocaust deniers for example, but that doesn’t mean these are sane people. These are people who should be locked away in a straight-jacket equipped rubber room so they cannot influence the rest of society. We are not short of those kind of people in THIS country either. However, I don’t associate with people who sit in dark rooms with tin-foil helmets on. Fuck that noise…

What the absolute fuck…



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