Familius Completus

So, yesterday afternoon (5/15/2013), my wife had an endometrial ablation. As a result, our chances of having more children went from “slim” to “well, fuck that”. I have mixed emotions about it, but my wife is really taking this hard. She always imagined herself with a LARGE family. (If memory serves, 4 kids, 2 dogs, a baker’s dozen cats and whatever else.)

I suppose mentally, for me, this all ties into this week’s theme of women’s health issues, and this notion of what is right for one, may not be right for another. My wife is an amazing mother, and personally, I look forward to devoting every spare second of my life to this kid, and really spoiling the absolute shit out of her. But, even though there have been a few people who said things such as, “What right do you have to deprive your daughter of a sibling?” Whores like that can eat a bag of dicks. For the most part, I have friends who get this idea.

The idea, that being alive for one kid is better than the possibility of not being alive for two.

The idea, that within the grand scheme of things, what you want as a woman, is really all that matters.

I feel bad for my wife. I don’t feel bad for myself as I think our little family is absolutely perfect, and I wouldn’t change a thing. My daughter is perfect, my wife is perfect, now if I could elevate my dog’s mental status to a degree above “retarded”, I would be one happy mother fucker.

My wife said that she’s sorry she couldn’t give me a boy. What my wife gave me, is so much more than the usual male’s desire for an heir. My wife gave me someone so special that I can’t bear to think of what my life would be without her. My daughter Mara, is absolutely my beginning and my end. She’s my beginning, because every thought and decision begins with her in my brain, and she’s my end, because she is no doubt going to fuck guys like me when she gets older and will drive me to put a shotgun in my mouth.

My family is absolutely perfect. =) My LIFE isn’t perfect, but you know what, I bet I’m happier than most. So whether we can have any more children, or we go Brangelina style and adopt a little Malaysian kid, I’m absolutely content with my life.

Now if I could just fix my damned car…


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