I Will Never Play a D&D Game as a PC Again…

Before we get to the meat of this article, I will say that I intend to start writing a lot about gaming, so if you’re not the least bit interested, stop following my this website, it will only cause you irritation. That being said, I’m not going to write SOLELY about gaming, I just realized how much of my life it actually is, and my website will be reflecting this.

Some people are not meant to be PCs. Some people are meant to run games, not play them. I am apparently in that category.

I realized this when I was in a gaming session a few months ago, wondering why I was bored out of my fucking mind. It wasn’t the DM, though objectively I had to allow for the idea. To be fair to my hypothesis, he was a brand new DM, with the requisite neophyte “stick to the book” approach. Good for your first few sessions. (ProtoDMs, I call them.) Granted, this style wasn’t (and never really has been) to my taste, but nevertheless I’ve played with DM’s with less of their shit together and still enjoyed myself.

But, I was sitting there wondering why I wanted to just crawl up with Starke’s dog and go to sleep. Then it hit me.

Maybe I’m bored with being a PC?

Maybe I should just run games instead of playing them?

To make sure it wasn’t just a DM-compatability thing, I played a few games with 2 other DMs locally and found that I was just as bored. (One of them about a year into DMing, another a veteran with over 20 years under his belt.) In both circumstances, I was on the verge of a coma.

I suppose being a PC is a bit too slow paced for my taste because my mind runs in a rather chaotic and breakneck pace, that is to use Charlie Sheen’s adage, “I have one speed: ‘GO’.” Believe me when I say that I have yet to find someone who would last any significant amount of time in my brain without massive mental damage.

I confirmed this when I went to play a Star Wars Saga Edition game over some friends of a neighbor in Greenville. From the second I put the Star Wars theme song on and gave the opening crawl, I was excited. I was elated.

I was back, and my love for gaming got even stronger. The role of main storyteller fits me so well that it’s hard for me to want any other role in my life as a gamer. There is no greater thrill to me as a gamer than to see the faces of my players as I wreak havoc on their character’s lives, effectively guaranteeing that they would have another in-game story that PNP gamers seem to prize.

I enjoy running the kinds of games that players want to join.

I enjoy teaching newbies the games and watching their faces when they “get it”.

I enjoy creating worlds and destroying then within the same gaming session.

So, as a PC, I am officially retired. (Weird to use that word in this context.)

I suppose I would come out of PC-retirement for the right game, such as, if someone wanted to run a D&D 1st edition game… THAT would be worth playing. Having said that, if anyone wants to get together to play, let me know.


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