Letting Go…

A friend of mine is going through some shit and it really got me thinking about recovery and just getting past life issues.

I suppose I should say that everyone has their crosses to bear, everyone has their issues. Someone, (I believe Benjamin Franklin) said that “Life is 1% of what happens to you and 99% of your reaction to it.” There are ways to deal with EVERYTHING.

At one point in my life I was a self destructive little shit, and my only real goal, was to die. I did drugs, I drank like crazy and would do stupid shit that by all rights, should have killed me. I finally came out of it after hitting bottom then realizing that I wanted to live.

Now, someone’s bottom may be death. If that’s the case, no amount of help or consolation can help them through it.

I am personally going through a few things right now, (I don’t really share my problems with anyone, including my wife. I’m kind of an internalist when it comes to dealing with my life. The only exception to this is when I know I could help someone.) but due to the fact that I have good coping skills, I am making some great headway into accepting my situation. Which brings me to my thesis…

Acceptance. Learning to accept things is the single greatest coping skill someone can learn. The the idea of, “I cannot change this” or, “it is not worth the fight to change this”. I want an apology from a few people regarding a few things that happened in my life. These apologies will never take place. I have learned to accept this.

I will not spend any time in my life, which is the only one I will ever get, having space in my head leased to a child awaiting an apology that will never come. I will not allow even a SECOND of my life to be wasted by allowing others to control my mood and happiness.

So, to one person (who I have affectionately codenamed, “Scots”) my wife and I love you hun. 🙂 You’re an amazing woman and you don’t deserve to have to carry this weight. The best thing about guilt, hate, despair and negativity, it’s like a bag of bricks…

All you have to do is set it down.


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