An Open Letter To Angsty Idiots


This rant does not apply to very many people I know, in fact if you have to ask, it’s NOT about you. Just needed to vent.

With a good majority of my friends on Facebook, I have them blocked on my news feed. There’s only so many Instagram and Pinterest food posts that I can deal with before I lose my fucking mind. But, as of late, I’ve seen a trend that reminds me how much I hated MySpace. You remember MySpace don’t you? The place where a bunch of 14 year olds posted 200 animated gifs a page that made your computer freeze up regardless of how much memory you had dedicated to the image cache?

Yeah well it appears that the 14 year old vapid morons that populated MySpace have taken their idiocy to Facebook as well, in the form of vapid adults who should know better.

The trend is to announce every hardship and little petty problem and inflate them to the point that they are considered travesties and serious issues. No one gives a fuck. Seriously, even your friends who seem sympathetic? No, they too, give not a fuck. If your Facebook consisted of family and your closest friends, yes they care, even some of your extended family and friend care. But beyond that, no one really gives a shit, and are looking at you as if you are a drama whoring, attention seeking moron. It should bear to mention by the way, that the same people who think this way are most likely doing it themselves with the same results.

Look, here’s the deal.

You are not the first person to have a rough patch in life. Everyone has gone through adversity. Everyone has had their heart broken a few times. Everyone has seen death, lost something or someone important to them. Most everyone has a mental disorder or two, and most people have done an illicit drug. Facebook is for keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues, not to act as a soapbox for your inane attempts to dramatize the injustice of you having stubbed your toe.

imagesNo one gives a shit about your problems, your struggles or your issues because everyone that you expect to be sympathetic and inflate your ego, is busy doing shit to better their position in life, rather than posting about everything they’re NOT getting on a social networking website and looking like a spoiled douche in the process.

Everyone is going through a hard time. Everyone is dying one day at a time, everyone is seeing injustice in the world while impotently complaining about it, and everyone thinks they should get better things in their lives. What have YOU done to deserve it? What have YOU done to make someone feel better about something? What have you done to further someone else’s agenda, rather than your pursuit of the new iPhone?

No one gives a fuck if you’re happy or sad in this world because the rest of us are too busy living.

Now that’s not to say that I don’t give a shit about what my friends and family’s problems are, I absolutely do. I’m talking about the “career victims” who post update after update about their latest break up, as if this interests anyone other than the unfortunate family members unlucky enough to live with this idiot. You’re not making him/her jealous, all you’re doing is pissing the rest of us off. There is one going on RIGHT FUCKING NOW about a friend of mine who had cheated on her boyfriend at least 12 times and then got angry because he was spending too much time with his friends, then dumped him. Now all her posts are about “I’m going to get through this. I am strong.” Fuck you, die in a fire. Star in a snuff film.

I have friends who are fighting legitimate diseases and disorders, and post their frustrations. I am absolutely fine with this, these people are not in fights for their jobs, or fights for their boyfriend’s affections, these are people who (in some cases) are literally fighting for their lives! And here you are bitching about how the guy at the Apple store was rude to you because you couldn’t get your new iPad in the color you wanted. Fucking cunts should be killed with a cooking spoon then displayed in a town square with the word “WHORE” written on a piece of cardboard suspended from their neck by a piece of kitten’s intestine.

If you cause a problem and it bites you in the ass, you’re not a victim, you’re a fucking moron. I’m so sick of people trying to one-up each other in the suffering department because they think being a victim is some kind of badge of honor. It’s not, and there are very few true victims these days.

MySpace was supposed to be “A Place For Friends”. I suppose Facebook has become “A Platform For Assholes”…


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