Football… Just STOP IT!

So, I was a football fan for a few seasons, and I stopped because it was all getting to be too much. I moved to the Tampa Bay area of Florida right before the Buccaneers were started their Super Bowl winning season.

Believe me, I get it. The game itself is fairly exciting to an extent and I understand the idea of why it is so entertaining to people.

That being said my gripe is for people who take their fandom, just a bit too far.

My Facebook was overrun by different permutations of the same thing this morning.

“We beat the Ravens!” And they did, the Steelers beat the Ravens 23 to 20 last night. Or at least, so says Google. As I said, I’m an EX-football fan…

Okay, 1st…

YOU DIDN’T BEAT ANYONE! You weren’t on the field. You didn’t contribute at all to that team winning. Most of these asshats think that by having a mediocre sporting team in their state that somehow it makes them better people. NO dumbasses, it doesn’t work that way. You stayed home, stuffed your face and watched the game on TV. Stop using the achievements of others to live some kind of delusion that you are better because you live within 100 miles of a sporting team. It doesn’t. It actually makes you kind of sad.

2nd… And most seriously…

I do not live in Steeler Country, and any douchebag who puts that banner up within visibility of my home will be punched in the fucking face if I meet them. I don’t live in Steeler Country, the Eagles Nest, Browntown, Buccaneer Bay or anywhere else, where people have decided to get together to throw a ball for my amusement. I live in Western PA, New Jersey, Cleveland and Tampa Bay respectively.

When I was a football fan, I had no emotion invested in this game. It was a game I watched for my enjoyment. That’s all. It was time for me to stop when the Bucs had a shitty season after their Super Bowl win, and I saw fans around actually cry. They started saying shit like, “back to the drawing board”, “we need to rebuild in the off season” and shit like that. My attitude? “Meh. Still a fun game to watch.”

It’s a fucking GAME! Can we all understand that whether or not these teams win their championships, and I’m speaking about EVERY sport, that in effect it affects precisely dick. Have your parades, your tailgates, your banners and your Super Bowl parties and shit…

But please realize that it’s a game, and you are NOT playing it. That’s reserved for a bunch of roided up guys who couldn’t make a living in any other fashion. Stop taking this shit so seriously. If you were a douche BEFORE the Steelers win a game, guess what? You’re still a douche afterwards…


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