Well, Now That THAT’S Over…

This morning I woke up in horror, fully expecting a Bush v. Gore reboot via 2000. Come to find out, pleasantly that this isn’t the case. Which is good for me, as I can remain an American citizen for four more years. So we have four more years of progress, as opposed to the undoing of the last 30 years of civil rights. Sweet!

Despite last night being a series of amazing moments, such as my wife and I staring dumbfoundedly at Huffington Post’s website which changed headlines from “The Walls Are Closing In On Romney” to “OBAMA REELECTED!” and being TOO fucking shocked to react for a few minutes, and the disconcerting (yet nonsexual) thoughts of a smiling black man while I was having the maritals (which by the way Cosmo says is normal and doesn’t make me gay so much as preoccupied), this morning is just a normal morning. Coffee’s brewin’, child is beating the dog with an empty bottle, the wife is snoring in the bedroom and I dropped non-dairy creamer all over the floor again, which despite the concussion inflicted by my child, the dog refuses to lick up…

I suppose I would behoove me to explain what I think has changed since last night. The reality is not much. Haters gonna hate and I now have a benchmark as to whether or not I want to associate with certain people. For example, if you voted for Romney last night (or before that), anytime I see you or a picture of you, I mentally crown your brow with a dunce cap and picture you eating paste.

I had a friend of mine go on Facebook last night after it had been announced and say “Well Obama won the electoral vote but not the popular vote and that’s bullshit, blah blah blah blah…” Well, NOW if you look at the numbers, Obama won the popular vote as well, so you have nothing left to complain about (though I have no doubt you’ll continue anyway).

You’re welcome.

Also, my sister in law said something to the effect of, “I go to bed, wake up and the word has gone to hell.” Yes, your sleeping ruined the world. Thanks. You fucked it up for the rest of us. I don’t know about her, but I prefer having a guy in office who isn’t batshit crazy and won’t bullshit me most of the time.

And then other defectives were saying, “It doesn’t matter who wins, the Zombie Apocalypse is coming.”

The word “nigger” was thrown around like razor frisbees in a nursing home on Twitter last night, to such a degree that I started making a list of people who shouldn’t be allowed to breed when I come to power. (And I will…)

Now, there is a certain amount of pride in walking behind my car and seeing the Obama GLBT bumper sticker next to our “I Love Equality” sticker. I mean, I’m not gay, lesbian or whatever the other letters stand for, but I don’t rule it out. Friends and family of mine are, and I feel great because a victory for Obama, is a victory for them as well.

Now that things are over regarding the election, (and who the fuck isn’t happy as shit about that) what’s next?

Well, for the Obama administration it’s a chance to finish what they started. Great steps need to be made and America has made it clear who should make those steps. Despite my contention that there are no moderates on the Republican side, it is my belief that we need to start bridging the gap between parties. The last 4 years had Republicans shooting down bills that fit with their party doctrine simply because they were Democratically created bills.

Democrats should be allowed their small period of gloating. But, hopefully it doesn’t last too long, because as a nation we have work to do. Last night, we came dangerously close to giving the reins to a man who wasn’t competent enough to command a rubber raft on calm seas. (Thank you Tom Clancy for that imagery…) We should all take stock of our current situation and realize that we live in hard times, not end times, and that these hard times originated with the Bush administration and their willingness to cut taxes beyond safety limits and put 2 wars on a credit card.

I realize that’s asking too much for run of the mill Republicans, but if you’re playing a game, you play to win. With everyone behind the same message, we can. I know this sounds a bit “Heal The World”, but I truly believe this can be accomplished.

For myself, it marks the beginning of a new era for me and my writing. Namely, that a few years ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead listening to political podcasts, or reading up on political thought, and now I realize that I cannot ignore the politics of the day. Not to mention that I find the mechanics behind politics amusing and at times, even intriguing.

I realize that I can shut myself out from the world, but I cannot forever shut the world out. Thus, at a score of 303 to 206, I am relegated to the status of a political blogger. Not totally though. It’s not as if my blog will be dominated by the political scene, I may even start a new blog specifically aimed at politics to save my readers from my politically charged diatribes (see FOXNews, that’s called being respectful of your audience). I don’t know as of yet. But I do know that as of 12:30 am EST this morning, my life took a turn towards the realm of political journalism.

I feel dirty, like John Boehner’s soul.


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