Fuck It, I’m Done…

I promise this is the LAST blog post about the 2012 general election… I’m getting sick of it to be perfectly honest and I’d like to start blogging about more important things, such as post blow-job etiquette and my fantasy of a long night with Mandy Stadtmiller.  That being said, I don’t know why I’m getting all pissy about this thing anyway. I mean, I already voted, (Guess who?) and the reality for me is twofold;

A. I survived 8 years of Bush, I can survive Romney, should that unfortunate set of circumstances happen…

B. I’ve given up trying to reason with idiots.

Mitt Romney could get up in front of every Republican, wearing a green t-shirt with a pot leaf printed on it, wipe his ass with the American flag, fuck a cardboard cutout of the Statue of Liberty and wipe his balls off with the Bill of Rights post-coitus and every stupid fucking GOP member would find a way to work that into their new party policy.

This shouldn’t even be a legitimate disagreement. On one hand, there is the legislation of religious and ideological preference with the imposition of ad hoc law, and on the other, there isn’t. The choice really isn’t complicated. The fact that people make this choice so difficult makes me really want to go to a nursing home and start randomly kicking plugs out of the wall.

I could go on about how Mitt Romney is a smarmy snake oil salesman and about how the majority of the GOP are mindless lemmings. But, reason does not penetrate stupid people.

So, I won’t bother anymore. I think I’ve said all I can about this election and the candidates. I leave it in your hands America.

Rest assured that if you have a daughter who has been raped, and Romney is president, I have a closet full of metal coat hangers and a few bottles of Jack Daniel’s.

I’m fucking out.


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