Masturbatory Conservative Republicanism

I’ve been getting belly aching about how just about every status update and link I post has to do with this election.

1st, I’m passionate about it.

2nd, you only have to deal with this election until the 6th. So either block me, or don’t read my blog.

Either way, I don’t really give a shit.

That being out of the way, I had eavesdropped on a conversation yesterday that really made me want to beat the shit out of something defenseless.

Apparently, in a “family” of Mittens supporters, my wife and I are the only Obama supporters. Which whatever, right? Difference of opinion. WRONG. There was a comment made about us being the black sheep.

So to sum, because we’re not taking the word, devoid of details, of a slick shit used car salesman with a retarded pretend worker for a running mate, we’re the black sheep.

If we don’t vote for a party that has blocked almost every legislative process there is, THEN has complained about no progress being made, THEN blames it on someone else, we’re the black sheep.

If we don’t vote for a subsection of that same party whose entire platform is predicated on some kind of illusory god (God doesn’t exist, let’s just realize this fact), we’re the black sheep.

So, if being a Democrat (which I’ve finally succumbed to, btw… and a stridently liberal one at that…) who would rather have options than one-size-fits-all policies, who would rather have facts than lies, who would rather have freedom than fascism, who would rather DIE than to bend to a will other than my own makes me a black sheep, then so be it.

I don’t support a flip-flopping, sociopathic, snake-oil salesman. My mind is not capable of the kind of flexibility that allows me to take everything I am told as fact.

HE WAS PROVEN WRONG ON NATIONAL FUCKING TELEVISION and people still support this shit head! So yeah, I’m absolutely sure that I am the problem.

Well, if Romney gets into office and this person loses the Social Security that they depend on, and their taxes skyrocket, I better not hear any fucking bitching. If you support Mitt Romney, you no longer have any claim to reason. You’re following the party line, Pied Piper of Hamlin style, like lemmings off a fucking bridge AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL US BLACK SHEEP?!?!?!

My Wife: “Why are you a Republican?”

Her: “Because I want Romney to win.”

2 things in closing; “in an insane world, a sane man must appear insane”, and “you cannot reason a man away from a belief to which reason didn’t take them in the first place.” If you’re a conservative and you want to jerk yourself off to the sounds of your insane and bullshit platform, by all means. But, don’t get your crazy shit on me.


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