Clarity of Focus

I’m getting a little sick of double standards. Maybe because I don’t have them. With me, what you see is what you get and there is a very logical train of thoughts that get me from impulse to action. I have a very logical train of thoughts to my beliefs. I’m hard pressed to find 10 people that I know (either online or in reality) that are consistent from impulse to action. I’m not going to name any names, only because it’s not my style to out people in any respect, unless taken to task myself.

It seems to me that one should have consistency of thought in order to act according to their nature. I have 3 motivations for the things I do.

  • Freedom to act – No one will force their will on me, and I will not bend to any will that is not my own. PERIOD.
  • Sex – I fuck. A lot. I will continue to fuck a lot.
  • Family – My family (including those I “adopt” are of the utmost importance to me)

That’s it. Everything else falls in line with those priorities. If you don’t serve to advance one of these purposes, you are impeding my progress and you will be ignored or destroyed. I make no apologies for this, and in fact having the clarity of vision and focus has allowed me to achieve things that I didn’t think were possible without this philosophy. I cannot be beaten. I cannot be bent or broken.

The same cannot be said for quite a few of the people I associate with. Maybe I’m one of the rare people that actually have their motivations fairly well codified, but I resent having to make allowances for laziness and stupidity. I don’t have time for either, and I won’t make time for either.


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