“Rethink Your Priorities” – Gino Says…

Gino… I stole his shit.

So I have a friend named Gino on Facebook and YouTube who I REALLY, no shit, consider a friend. And unlike me, he got to see the debate last night. I have a daughter who doesn’t let me do anything thus I was knee deep in shit, piss and spit-up. When I woke up I immediately (after tending to the cute little shit machine) went on every news source I could find to figure out what happened. I composed this 3 page little spiel that I was ready to post, but then I read this status that Gino wrote that was much more elegant and just better written than mine. So after pouting for a bit and deleting the 3 pages I decided to post it here (with his permission of course, I didn’t really steal shit…). 

You can find Gino at: http://www.youtube.com/user/mulattobrothagw

and http://www.facebook.com/ifreakinglovechicken

So, I wanted to say something. I watched most of the debate last night….its was alright. I mean, you have Obama who isnt a bad guy nor a a bad president like a lot of people think he is, yeah of course there are some flaws…. Then you have Mitt who, well lets just say he defiantly takes the term “Etch-a-Sketch” to a whole new level. You have this every four years, two guys who yell back and forth at each other who argue “Im going to fix this because its important” and “Im going to fix that because he hasnt done it yet”…I mean its honestly a repeat every four years.

But….If you honestly think Mitt Romeny will be a better president than Obama, then you REALLY need to rethink your priorities. If Mitt was to become president, goodbye to planned parenthood, goodbye to women being able to have a say on what they do with their body, goodbye social security, goodbye to the gay community to having any rights whatsoever, goodbye safety net for poor people, goodbye student loans and pell grants because you know…we can just borrow money from our poor ass parents as if $50 can pay for 4 years of college, goodbye to my healthcare so I can again go through more suffering than I already am because it was thanks to Obama that I was able to get affordable healthcare again….goodbye to many more things that basically are rights to Americans so basically goodbye 2012 because you know, living back in time is a lot better.

Obama isnt the best president by far, but one thing I can agree with is Mitt would move this country back not forward. So 4 more years of Obama compared to 4 years or maybe 8 of Romeny really should be self explanatory. My vote goes to Obama. So lets just keep the guy currently in office IN office then another 4 years from now hopefully we can have two candidates who seem a lot better….but you know like I said its just going to be two guys (maybe a woman or two) arguing about what the last guy didnt do….a repeat always.

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