Why This Election is So Important

Despite the title, EVERY election is important. Every election has its hot button issues and quirks that haven’t been touched in previous elections and administrations due to the passage of time and events of that era. Fine.

But, THIS election is different.

In THIS election, society is at risk in a very real way. The distinctions between Democratic and Republican voters can now be measured in terms of sanity. Maybe with this, I am generalizing, but Republicans are insane. Just bat-shit, absolutely, stone cold fucking crazy. This is a party that seriously wants to bring the world view of the 1960’s back to the modern era; the days where a man went to work and was greeted at the door step by his wife with a martini and a back rub. And the movement to get back to those days are spearheaded by none other than the beady eyed, snake oil salesman known as Mitt Romney. He is the slobbering idiot heralding a desired regression to the days where women were cattle, men were men, and the minorities have NO say.

Okay, I GET that the politics of the day are the politics of division. Since the 2000 election, the right wing in this country has taken a walk off the map. After Bush fucked the system, with the help of the Supreme Court and shitty voting scrutiny (let’s be honest here, that is precisely what happened), what common sense the republican party had was quite simply thrown away. They realized they could get away with whatever they wanted, and the Democrats simply sat on their thumbs. It is now at the point where on my Facebook friends list, I can look at a random friends’ political affiliation, guess not only their religion, but also which kind of programming they watch, and 9 times out of 10 be absolutely right.

It should come as no surprise that the right all say the exact same shit as well. “Abortions are bad, gays have no rights, blah blah blah fuckin’ blah…”

FOXNews says something, and the right believes it regardless of how morally reprehensible or batshit crazy it is. You can show these people the PROOF that what they “know” as “fact” is absolutely wrong and they shrug it off, and say that it’s biased reporting.

Enter the poster child of the non-thinking right wing conservative mosh pit, Mr. Mitt Romney. I’m really trying to wrap my head around the concept that anyone who would vote for him with a clear conscience isn’t morally compromised, sociopathic, or just plain retarded. I’m failing at this seemingly impossible feat in mental physics, which pisses me off because I am associated with certain people that aside from their political affiliations and personal beliefs, I consider very dear to me.

However, these days we ARE our political and personal beliefs. In an age where a political party wants to remove the right to choose certain things, the only correct judgment parameter is political and personal belief.

Mitt Romney is quite possibly the most inept person to be considered for any kind of political office. I never thought I would see someone who was worse equipped to handle the presidency than George W. Bush. I’m not sure he’s even qualified to be a hall monitor, and if someone claimed he was, I would have to see some pretty fucking convincing evidence of this. However, his views and beliefs, as bat-shit crazy as they are, are not uncommon in the Republican party, in fact they are representative to an exacting and frightening degree.

His stated platform, if you think about this is;

Fuck the women, fuck the gays, fuck the soldiers, fuck the elderly, fuck the poor, fuck rape victims, double-fuck the economy, fuck the minorities and let’s just take care of the upper 1%.

I’m not exactly pro-Obama, so much as pro-critical thinking. When you immerse yourself in right-wing, politburo propaganda, yes your views are going to be just that. Right-wing, politburo nonsense. Along those lines, I would argue that fixing 8 years of Bush, right-wing, politburo bullshit couldn’t be done in only 4 years regardless of who was in office.

I don’t care who anyone votes for, provided they don’t vote for Mitt Romney. My sister in law is of this bent. Now I can wrap my head around the idea that someone is displeased with Obama’s performance. I get that. But, rejection of what you perceive as the wrong choice doesn’t justify the worst choice.

Voting for Romney classifies you as a slave to a right-wing, conservative, corporate media machine, unworthy of the brain that you have been given by whichever mechanism you believe put it there in the first place, be it God or evolution.

If you have issues with Obama, fine. Then vote for Johnson. I won’t, as I have my own views about the Libertarian agenda, which the more I read up about it sounds more right-leaning than I’m comfortable with, but at this point a rabid, ultraviolent pit-bull on crystal meth would be a better choice than the slobbering, dumbass Mitt Romney. I’d rather have Adolf Hitler give me lessons on how to treat my neighbors.

Look if you vote for Johnson, I support you. I disagree but I do support you. If you vote for Obama in spite of his failings, I support you. If you vote for Romney, you have no basis to ever judge anyone’s morals because you have chosen religious fuckery and half-truths over reason and morality.

There may be no right choice in this election, there is however one absolute wrong choice. That worst choice is Mitt Romney.


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