Anti-Semitism and Wallet Insurance…

Conversation 1:

Donna was walking around limping because her foot is breaking down into blisters.

Me: “What do you think is causing it, baby?”

Her: “The fucking shoes…”

I heard, “The fucking Jews…”

The look I gave her was like I had watched her rip the head off our child…

Me: “So when did you get all Mel Gibson-Anti Semitic?”

Her: [blank stare] “The fucking SHOES, you idiot.”

Me: [blank stare]

Her: [blank stare]

We went our separate ways afterwards, giggling to ourselves…

Conversation 2:

Watching an episode of Star Trek: TNG from season 4: Redemption, Part 1, Donna remarked about how Worf looked like the guy from the Allstate Insurance commercials.

Her: “Is that him?”

Me: “No. That’s some other dude. But they do have similar facial features and voices.”

Her: [she looks at me REALLY serious] “What’s in YOUR wallet?”

Me: [I visibly blink, confused.] “That’s the slogan for Capital One credit cards you asshole!”

Her: [doubles over in laughter]

I just shake my head.

Me: “You are NOT in good hands…”


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