The Gay Thing…

On May 18th, I decided that North Carolina should perish in a sea of nuclear fire. I mean, let’s be honest, nothing good comes out of that backwards fucking state. Would YOU miss it? I sure as fuck wouldn’t. But, even though they did what they did regarding gay marriage, I have a larger issue that I would like to address…

What REALLY pisses me off about this issue is the idea that people think that having the “against” stance makes them anything BUT a bigot…

If you are excluding a certain subgroup of people from enjoying the same rights you have, for ANY REASON, this is called bigotry. In other words, right next to your “organ donor” status on your driver’s license, you should have “bigoted asshole-face” right next to it. Because that’s what you are. Seriously…

Do you know what the biggest impediment is to gay marriage?


Not God. Religion. In this country, it’s specifically Christianity. Christianity thinks it has some copyright on the concept of marriage. Guess what bible beaters, NOT THE FUCKING CASE! There were bullshit systems of belief BEFORE yours and there will be bullshit systems of belief AFTER the death cult of Christianity has died its natural death.

“2 men/women getting married offends me.” – Fuck you, who cares?

Believe in God if you like. I don’t give a shit. But the second you use some archaic book to justify your bigotry, you identify yourself as a moron and not worthy of the respect of civilized people. You don’t want a gay marriage? Well, then don’t have one. If you’re a dude and don’t like sucking cock, or you’re a chick who can’t abide the taste of pussy, chances are you won’t need a same-sex marriage anyway.

It would be just SO refreshing if someone would say, “I don’t want gay marriage because I’m a bigot.” I mean, I won’t respect you more. But, rather than hiding behind bronze age myth and bullshit, just hold your bigotry high above your head, like a flag. At least I’ll know who to throw piss bottles at.

You bigoted shit stains make me sick…


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