T-Minus 7 Days…

So, unless she turns around (she is currently breach), Donna and I will be having Mara Jade Hales on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012. To say I am excited is to vastly understate things. The excitement has brought me to an interesting place in my psyche though…

It has brought me the time I need to re-evaluate where I am in life and what I still need to accomplish.

1st, I have a wife that will never leave me unless I cheat on her, and even then it’s debatable. Not that I plan on stretching those limits, but it is nice to know they’re there.

2nd, I have a daughter on the way that I actually get to keep. In essence, I have a little version of me that is going to be completely dependent on me to show her the way. Interesting, isn’t it?

3rd, I have a job (good thing) that I want to trade up on. The only thing I really want to do is wait tables. I enjoy it and I get to be sociable. This might seem a little bit out of character, but fact is that despite my general contempt for people as a whole, as long as I’m being paid, I could deal with being a whore.

4th, my writing career is going to take off very soon. (More on that as it develops, and yes there have been developments…)

5th, I hate Pennsylvania, and am very much looking forward to leaving…

Not bad thus far. Once Mara gets here I am taking a few weeks off and dedicating that time to three things, Mara, Donna and my writing…

Hello, Future! Hope you’re ready for a good old fashioned fist fuck…


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