SOPA, PIPA, and Other Acronyms That Piss A Bunch Of People Off…

I’m really not too worried about the whole SOPA/ PIPA gig for a few distinct reasons.

First, we are Americans. That means that sooner or later, people will piss us off to the extent that we WILL do something about it. For example; Congress passes either one of those, sooner or later there will be a violent protest that make the “Occupy Whichever-Street-or-City-We-Feel-Like-Today” protests look like a fucking bike ride. As an anarchist (some would say “antichrist”), I will be sitting writing about it with a smile on my face, that is if the media is still not government controlled enough to broadcast about it. Either way, word gets out and people like me jerk off thinking about the ramifications.

Second, for every law and piece of legislation they pass designed to strip people of their rights, there are ten thousand people like me who work hard to find ways to circumvent them. We will always win. Believe me, we are legion.

You know what? The real solution is to vote with your wallets. Do not patronize those businesses which support SOPA/PIPA. Do not vote for candidates whose stance on either is FOR or NEBULOUS. Do not patronize websites who support them (I can’t really think of any that would given its anti-internet methods).

Or, you could be active. I’ll leave you to decide what that means for you. For me, it is supporting and being involved in digital preemptive countermeasures against such legislation. For you, it might be just general awareness. For some with more robust means, contributing to a political candidate that opposes censorship.

Piracy, is NOT the massive problem that everyone thinks it is. No band has ever been squeezed to hardship, nor bankrupt due to musical piracy, nor has any software company been exiled to financial ruin due to software piracy. The fight is with the consumer. Always has been, always will be.


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