Post Thanksgiving Thoughts – “What Am I Thankful For?”

What am I thankful for?

That in itself is a tricky question. Well, first of all I’m thankful for my wife and soon to be born kid. This is obvious. Anyone who sees us together can see the special kind of love we have for each other. Most of the people I know (those NOT my friends category) are very much envious of this, mostly because of my often stated belief that the only marriage that I an aware of that I think is worth a shit is my own.

No one I know of has the kind of relationship that Donna and I have. It just doesn’t happen. It goes beyond love, it goes beyond security, sexuality, spirituality or anything ending in an “-ity”. My wife and I are two pieces of the same puzzle, put in different boxes and somehow, one of us was bought at a yard sale and brought together. (There is some debate as to which one of us was bought.)

Not a morning goes by that I’m not grateful for circumstance to bringing this woman into my life, and I’ll be that way forever. Or at least until we get sick of each other.

Often times we are grateful for our family, but fact is, we were born into our families and maybe we should be thankful for the fact that I could have been born to Ted Bundy’s family or some such shit, but that wouldn’t be true to who I am. The fact is that, if ANYTHING, I am thankful to be a separate and distinct entity from my family, and thankful to be a minimum of 300 miles from said family at all times. My last visit made me realize how incompatible I am with the so-called extended family life and my renewed understanding of why I left when I did. Thought I love my family, I also love not being around them, except in small doses, and a little bit goes a LONG way. Like enough to make one stop in the middle of I95 mid-Maryland and reduce myself to a sack of tears before turning back to PA of all places.

My gratitude towards family is given more to those members of family that I have adopted. Shaun and Reba (soon to be) Starke for example are respectively the brother and sister I never had. When I hang around Shaun, I am always entertained and more than that, I feel wanted. With my own family, I had to practically beg for any kind of attention, but with my adopted family, they enjoy my company. They don’t stay on the cell phone and ignore me. Granted I don’t see them nearly as often as I’d like, but I feel confident that for as much time as we spend apart, once we get together it feels like only minutes have passed. My life is better for having met Shaun in one of the darkest points in my life and for having him always accept who I am as a person and a creative entity.

So Donna, Reba and Starke, I am thankful for you guys. And I promise to not get so drunk next time so that I don’t eat all of Deb’s spinach balls…


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