Stuff and More Stuff

So, a few interesting things.

First, Thanksgiving was yesterday and I spent it with my surrogate family; Starke, Reba, Maddie and the attached family members. Probably one of the most agreeable nights I’ve spent on a holiday. Drank some brew, shot some Jager, and I have a splitting headache due to dehydration. I’m fine with this, but it also proved to me that I need to start drinking more.

Also, upon advice of my current boss, I have decided to start IT consulting. Where this is going to happen, and when is still up in the air, but I’m developing a business plan and other assorted pablum associated with that idea.

Holidays, Stupid People, and a Large Tangent…

But, with the Holidays coming up, I thought I would rant and rave about something which really bothers the absolute fuck out of me.

A friend of my wife’s online ended up saying something to the effect of “Stop taking the Christ out of Christmas…[sic]”

Now, I advocate religious freedom, provided you keep it the fuck out my face. Have your Christmas trees in the center of town, have your nativity scenes on your front lawns, doesn’t bother me any. What DOES bother me is that Christians try to legislate their own views and make everyone else respect them.

I say Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas almost interchangeably, because I don’t follow Christ, and couldn’t give any less of a fuck about people’s preferences.

I don’t say “One Nation Under God” because we are NOT one nation under god, we are one nation under a Constitution which does not mention religion except by way of limiting its control over everyone.

I believe in abortion, as I believe life begins at birth not conception, and I really don’t give a shit about all your religious arguments to the contrary.

I believe that stem cell research should be funded by the state, and if you had half a brain and were educated about what that involves, you would be too. And regarding the “sanctity of life” problem that this issue supposedly raises, if you can wholeheartedly vote to send troops overseas to bomb and murder people for oil, I don’t really think you give a shit at all about the sanctity of life.

If you want to have an abortion, have one. If you don’t; don;t. If you want to engage in stem cell research, by all means. If you believe it’s wrong, fine. If you want to say Happy Holidays, do this. If you don’t want the “Christ” to be taken out of Christmas, then say “Merry Christmas”. But, it’s not your place to speak for me. Do what you do and leave everyone else the fuck alone.

And Happy Holidays…


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