Healthcare, My Rising Urge to Kill, and Why They’re Related…

So I’m here with my wife, Donna at Magees Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh and I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed. Not at the doctors and professionals that are trying to get this issue under control but at the nighttime attending staff.

First, I’d like to point out the obvious differences between a doctor’s office and a hospital.

A doctor’s office (for the most part) you go to when you have something bothering you, or for routine care.

A hospital is (again, for the most part) the place you go to when the doctor’s facilities and resources are not equipped to deal with your problem; other wise known as “Oh fuck, oh fuck, am I gonna die?!?!?!”

It would appear to me that in both cases, courtesy is of the essence. Treating someone like they’re a bother just because you have to take a midnight shift doing something you hate to make sure your bastard child (who is no doubt the resented product of a drug-addled, migrant worker gang-bang) stays hopped up on whatever street drug he can get his hands on because his mother is too busy to spend anytime with him, is just plain wrong and makes you look like an uneducated, shiftless cunt.

So fine, maybe I’ve taken things just a bit too far by calling her a “c-word”, but in reality this particular woman deserves this epithet and many others, along with a shovel to the pan-smashed asshole she calls a face. Whatever happened to good old fashioned courtesy. I’m not speaking of kissing my wife’s ass, I’m talking about not giving her a shitty look when she is in agonizing pain and asks for relief from said pain. How about some sympathy, or failing that just a little bit of patience.

If you lack both of those things, than WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN THE HEALTHCARE FIELD?!?!?!

To summarize, people piss me off, my blood pressure is rising and I am weaving sleep-deprived fantasies about taking a shotgun to a McDonalds.


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