Back to the Blog

So, here I am. Back to the good old to write about the stupid shit going on in my head. But why? Why debase myself in front of what could be a world wide audience just for a bit of notoriety?

The answer is surprisingly simple. I simply enjoy entertaining. YouTube and blogging are very similar in that, they’re both a kind of “scream therapy” that makes it so I don’t end up in jail for crimes against humanity. I love getting my thoughts and ideas out there because once they’re there, they have a chance to be a permanent part of someone’s psyche. And who doesn’t want to be immortal in some way?

Two facts are apparent;

– One, I have had a heart attack and could have easily died a month ago. While this hasn’t changed my mode of thinking, it HAS made it so that I am not spending any moment of it doing something I don’t want to do. And;

– Two, I have come into a deeper understanding of myself and what I’d like to accomplish in my life.

The things I want to do are simply; have fun and exist.
So for those who actually read this shit, enjoy and don’t blink, because I’m back. I missed the internet too much to ever leave for good again.


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