FIFA World Cup Finals, England Goes Home

I’ve always felt that I was born too far west, as the United Kingdom constantly calls to me. The people, the history, and the culture speak to me on levels that even I don’t fully understand.

So, it was with pride that I rooted for England during the World Cup qualifiers. It was with pride that I saw them qualify for a spot in the group stage of the World Cup. It was with pride that I saw them win a spot for the final 16. It was with pride that I saw them enter the quarterfinals against Sweden. It was with pride that I saw them defeat Sweden decisively and earn a place in the semifinals.

And it was with pride that I saw them defeated by Croatia in extra time, leaving Croatia to battle France in the FIFA World Cup 2018 finals.

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And The Hits Just Keep On Coming…

IMG_20180228_200415It’s been a while since I’ve written for anything else but school. Granted, writing for Professor Monahan is something I enjoy doing, because she is such a gracious audience, regardless of my grade. But, it’s time to get back to the audience.

The other day, I had a little bit of an incident. Namely that I went into an office to make some copies, out the papers in the copier, blink my eyes, and I’m looking up at people while being on the floor. I literally lost 10 minutes of my life, or however long it was. I was driven by ambulance to Butler Memorial Hospital where I was diagnosed with a seizure (it was my first time, yay!), and my wife, when she came in to get me was so scared.

I did what I normally do, I put on a brave face.

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I Am Where I Need To Be…

win_20161209_08_21_46_proThis morning before work, I am sitting at the kitchen table with snow around the house. Everywhere I look, I see an endless blanket of white and I can’t help but feel so incredibly peaceful. And I hate snow.

Lately, I have been giving a lot of thought to why I am here and to what I should be doing with my life. Sitting here with a cup of coffee in my hand, I can’t help but feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities given me. I have a chance to advance in my workplace, I have a chance to make people happy every single day I work. I have the most amazing wife a man could ask for, I have a child who’s face brightens up my day. Sure, there’s areas of my life that need to be stepped up on, but on the whole, I’d say I’m a pretty lucky guy. Continue reading “I Am Where I Need To Be…”

Every Four Years, I Want to Go Into Hiding

I just can’t deal with this shit anymore. Every four years, I have to find on Facebook the worst of what everyone I know has to offer. I’m not talking about supporting one candidate over another, I’m talking about having the most inane and horrific reasons for supporting those candidates.

For example, the comments made in 2005 by Donald Trump, which are so callously accepted by people who support him, instead of the obviousness of the truth (namely that these things should be revolting to anyone of even slightly compromised morality) were dismissed by my father as “locker room talk”, the same thing that Trump himself has said. My father, my own goddamned father said that Muslims are the real threat. I responded that it was obvious he never studied it and that if he did he might realize that this religion is almost identical to his own.

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4 Things We Can All Learn From Bioshock

bioshock_seriesNote: By the way, Bioshock has been re-released as the Bioshock Collection, available now on Steam! Hell yes!

The last two weeks have been spent working and managing certain crises in my life, so when the chance to play video games by myself came about, I seized upon it like a fat kid attacking a chocolate cake with Cheeto frosting. I selected the first installment of Bioshock for PC, an amazing game. What can I say, I was in the mood for a slightly older game… While I really liked the idea of taking a shotgun to a bunch of spliced out freaks, what really impressed me was the depth of story behind it. It really went into the subject of free will and societal norms, which for me hit a very significant nerve. So, I compiled a list of 4 things we could all learn from “Bioshock”.

BTW, Spoiler city… You’ve been warned.

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Fucking Up and Making It Right

screamingIf you live long enough, you’ll find that you’ve hurt someone important to you. You may have done it purposely, you may have done it in reaction to some perceived insult, you may have done it inadvertently. You may even be doing it right now as I write this. The important thing is to apologize, and try to make it right. If you can’t make it right, then at least apologize. An apology may mean something to them, it might not.

Often we don’t take the time to think when we do things. We don’t consider the effect they have on others. Once in a while you’ll find out that something you said or have done in anger will be the catalyst for things never being the same again. You’ll fuck up and you’ll never be able to forgive yourself. Sometimes they won’t forgive you, and you’ll never get a chance to make things right. You’ll die a little inside, and you’ll never be able to get that piece of your heart back.

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Star Wars – A New Sith Lord

The ship eased out of imageshyperspace on the far side of Hutt Space in the Outer Rim. Ahead lay Nar Shadaa, and Nal Hutta glinting like brown and blue pearls in reflective starlight…

…and the prize one of them held.

The Force shall free me…

Jedi Knight Kel Sorran peered out of the viewport as the mottled stars became points of light floating before him. Letting out a deep breath, he keyed his communicator and entered his encryption code. If he sent a transmission so close to his objective unencrypted, his master would be quite displeased.

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