I’m The Club, Not The Rapier…

43251269Of the myriad things I keep getting asked about my “activism” (seriously, someone said I was an activist…), the one that frequently comes up is a variation of this;

“Why are you so vulgar and angry in your blogs, articles, books, etc…?”

Well, the answer to this is very simple. I am an angry person when it comes to bullshit that should not be happening. The existence of the Conservative movement in the Republican party is something that causes considerable anger on my part. The mixing of religion and politics is something that I consider an affront to the idea of logic, reason and personal responsibility.

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Israel, Palestine and Parking Lots

So, let’s talk Israel. And by the way, this article will probably taint my status as a “liberal”. Meh.

I think it’s time to rethink our strategy about the whole Middle East thing. Namely that, it’s time to leave the Middle East forever. The things wrong with this area of the world, which has now been redefined in my mind as, “a spot in the world where a lot of people die for no good reason” will NEVER be fixed as long as religion continues its stranglehold over silly, impressionable people.

The bloodhsed in this entire area is predicated on the idea that God gave Jerusalem to [insert religious group here]. Anyone who tries to take religion out of the equation where Israel and Gaza is concerned is being intellectually dishonest to the problem at hand. God says to kill for their faith, and man complies.

My plan is distinctly NOT a liberal one. I think it’s time to cut our losses and reduce the entire region to molten slag. No more Jerusalem, no more Israel, no more Palestine. I’m not advocating nuking the people too, of fuck no. What I am saying is relocate these people to the country of their choice. Then reduce an empty region into a parking lot so that nothing can survive there for a few hundred years.

Now, if any of those religious nuts decide to take up arms against someone of another faith, then it’s the governments job to put those maladaptive idiots in jail since they don’t have the discipline to excersize self control.

“But, Bane… What about the oil?”

Fuck you, learn to use other fuel sources. The oil thing isn’t doing anyone any good anyway. That’s my plan. Fuck Israel, fuck Palestine, Fuck Gaza, fuck God, Yahweh and Allah. Done.

John McCain’s “Reality” Problem

So, taking two weeks off to come up with a battle plan for my online existence and for the Thanksgiving holiday, I am finally back to posting regularly, and not a moment too soon. Apparently there are a lot of news stories that need to be commented on from the perspective of a bald asshole, and I am happy to oblige.

First of all, let’s get some shit out of the way. Is there such thing as a “Fiscal Cliff”?

No. If you talk about it, except to de-legitimize it, you’re wrong. I can’t be kind about this. The so called “Fiscal Cliff” is a buzzword created to make people scared. Period.

Now that this is taken care of and we’re all on the same page…

So, the biggest thing on MY mind is this Benghazi issue. Specifically, I’m talking about John McCain and his refusal to acknowledge reality, even going so far as to say he’ll do his best to block the nomination of Susan Rice as Secretary of State as a related note. (See end of article for the most recent news regarding that. – Gather.com) He starts bitching about Congress not getting information about the whole affair, missing a meeting given by the intelligence community specifically for that purpose, to complain about it.

McCain, it’s time for you to be put into a home. Seriously. This is the kind of idiot who starts screaming at a bunch of phantom children who kick his dog and shit on his lawn. Such a senile, lying piece of shit doesn’t deserve to be on the world’s stage talking about foreign policy. Seriously, it’s time for him to step down and drink his Ensure. Get Sarah Palin to come down to change your diaper, inter yourself in a retirement community for 60 plus useless people and shut the fuck up.

Then this dumbass has the nerve to chastise a reporter for asking a very relevant question, in effect saying that he didn’t have to justify himself to a member of the press.

Yes you do, Senator McCain. You work for US… As long as my tax dollars fund your Metamucil habit, you will account for every single minute of your day from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. PERIOD.

What really incites laughter is that his spokesman (Why does a Senator need a spokeman anyway? Shouldn’t HE be the one speaking?) said that he missed that meeting due to a “scheduling conflict”.


Let’s all be honest here. Senator McCain has been lying and trying to pull the wool over the eyes of his constituents for years and maybe, just maybe it is now starting to catch up with him. The Romney campaign was incredibly harsh on the Obama administration regarding the Benghazi attack, which led to the climactic faux pas in the debate where the moderator had to correct Mittens in front of a world wide audience. Now, the Romney campaign is gone (and good fucking riddance) and the GOP is left holding the bag.

Now Gather.com says that McCain was just blowing smoke regarding his plans to block the nomination of Susan Rice for Secretary of State.

McCain, you’re not debating over having chicken or fish at your retirement home. You’re debating about things that rightfully, you should not be voicing your opinion about. You have NEVER been right about anything. Your presidential campaign, your choice for Vice President, Benghazi, Romney, the list of your public fuck ups goes on and on and I’m sure is of sufficient embarrassment to your family.

But for those of you who have this uncanny ability to ignore reality, life continues as normal. Well, not for the rest of us. Eventually, you will have to deal with reality. Hopefully on that day you find your self in the same predicament you engineered for millions of other Americans.

Chronic unemployment.

But, as long as FOXNews is employing other reality-deniers, we know this won’t happen. Enjoy what’s left of your relevancy, you neglectful, ignorant, swag-bellied measle.

EDIT: Forgot Gather.com article…

You Mad? Yeah, You Mad…

So, I was reading on the Huffington Post that citizens in all 50 states have filed petitions to seceed from the United States.

You mad? Aw shit, they mad. Good, they STAY mad.

What in the blueberry fuck is going on in these people’s minds? Personally, I say fine, seceed. But, for every one of you morons that do not want to be a part of this country, you go to Texas. Texas can seceed from the Union. Go ahead, I allow this. It’s of sound reasoning to me and President Obama will sign off on it.

Texas is useless anyway, and I can’t think of a better concentration of retardation to use for dumping off those who don’t want any part of this administration.

If you live in Texas, chances are, you’re stupid.

And I know you’re probably reading this going, “Really Bane? Me too?” Yes, you too. In fact, you’re probably the root cause of the problem.

So everyone who wants to seceed. Pack your shit, you’re heading to south to share borders with Mexico so you can sit there and complain about how they’re stealing your jobs, while their drug cartels set up shop right down the road from your daughter’s day care because you don’t have the protection of American military.

Go ahead and bitch, piss and moan when your tiny economy falters because no one in this country want’s to own a trinket made by a redneck asstard or deal with a bunch of backwards ass, butthurt morons who backed a snake-oil salesman and didn’t get away with it. It’s not like you have a bunch of intellectual capital to deal with. You have oilfields and rednecks manning the oilfields. But, make sure you give us back what is ours before we shut the borders on you.

Like Professor Stephen Weinberg. He’s ours. You can’t have him.

Go ahead and leave ‘Merica if you don’t like it here because we have a black president. You’re just pissed off because the stupid people in this country are starting to be a minority rather than the majority. Just take your Jesus, your climate change denying, your line dancing, your racism, your sore asses, your Glenn Beck, your Bill O’Rielly, your Ann (I Can’t Find Someone To Stick Their Penis In My Batcave) Coulter, and your 4×4′s and get the fuck out of my country…

Good fucking riddance…

Links and Random Observations

First of all, I wanted to include links to my political blogs from my main website here, for easy reference. It saves me the bother of pasting everything here. I’m lazy, we all get this, let’s move on.

Now that the obligatory linking shit is finished, I would like to share some random observations that I’ve made over the past 24 hours.

The End of the Beginning

So, here we are. The relaunch of this blog, though not in it’s original form. This blog is now my political blog. That’s right, I’ve gone political. I’m essentially Keith Olbermann, minus hair and fan base but plus piercings and profanity. Make no mistake, this is a liberal blog, and I make no apologies for my views. I maintain that my views are soundly based in logic and reason, and as such are perfect, like me. If you disagree, I forgive your imperfection.

To read the final political blog on my official website (which will now be dedicated to its original form of geekery and other such pablum) click on the link below and update your bookmarks. Or don’t. I don’t really care which.

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